Flush Mounted-Grilles

The standard grilles supplied by Distinguished Design Grilles are all face mounted (they mount on to the surface of the wall or ceiling) and protrude by the thickness of the grille (5/8”) into the room.

Distinguished Design Grilles can also provide the grilles for a “flush-mounted” application. “Flush-Mounted” means that the exterior face of the grille is flush with the wall or ceiling. Flush mounted grilles are very popular in custom homes as they show a further element of sophistication.

Distinguished Design Grille designed the flush-mounted grilles in two pieces:

  1. FRAME – The frame is affixed to the wall using screws and then is further secured by the drywall and drywall mud compound that adjoins the outer frame section. A flange is secured to the back of the frame during manufacture to ensure that the grille and the frame seat together in a seamless fashion.
  2. GRILLE – The grille pattern has a slight border around the outside of the same design as the frame. This ensures that both the grille and frame have a strong air-tight seal.

The cost of the grille and its installation require almost 50% more time, but to all those that have seen or installed the flush-mounted grilles – it is a seamless, beautifully clean look.

For the installation of the Flush Mounted Grilles please see INSTALLATION PROCEDURE sub-section.

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