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Everyone at Distinguished Design Grills is from the Air Conditioning Industry, from our office manager to the craftsman in the shop.

Combined, we have installed tens of thousands of grills and registers.

We understand register installation and the air-flow dynamics involved.

At Distinguished Design Grills we understand that you, the customer is paramount to our success.  Our parent company, Classic Grills was founded on the need to provide the industry with upscale bronze grills and registers.

 "Distinguished Design Grills" was founded on the premise of manufacturing grills and registers in polymers that are lightweight, three dimensional and pleasing to the eye. 

This new line of grills and registers are available to contractors and homeowners. 

Please spend some time and check out our collection of "Distinguished Design Grills" and registers.


Please visit our parent company, Classic Grills










The issue of environmental stewardship an challenge of environmentally responsible manufacturing are very close to hearts.  Web Architect Grilles is doing everything within our control to produce a product, and ancillary items that have the least impact on our planet. 
custom grilles installed in arches, archways, curved spaces

grills, air vent covers, register covers, wall opening grill covers custom made

search to provide decorative architectural elements for residential applications, we are pleased to present our new





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