Measure twice (your future self will thank you!)

It starts with a good tape measure and these simple instructions:

Tape Measure.jpg

Measuring correctly makes all the difference

  • To accurately measure Classic Grills for size, first remove the existing grill from the wall, floor, or ceiling.

  • Use your tape measure to measure the rough opening in the drywall (or plaster or flooring.)

  • It is important to reiterate: Measure the drywall opening, NOT the dimensions of the grill itself.

  • When measuring the drywall opening, width (W) is ALWAYS expressed first; height (H) is expressed second. If the dimensions are not communicated in this order, it is possible the design will appear sideways on the wall or ceiling.

  • For round grills, measure the diameter of the round hole opening in the drywall (or plaster or flooring.)

  • Secure your existing grills back into the drywall opening while we are busy custom crafting your new Classic Grills.

Now that you have customized the size, design, base material, and finish for your Classic Grills, you are ready for that all-important step:  Ordering!  Before we go there, I know we don't know each other that well, but I have to say:  You have exquisite taste.  Your walls thank you.  Or, as they say in Texas:  All y'alls walls are looking mighty fine.  OK, we can't stand the suspense another minute.  Click HERE to order!

In this example, the correct grill order size would be 12" by 4"

In this example, the correct grill order size would be 12" by 4"

Measuring FAQs:

  • The actual size of the grill's interior dimension will be slightly smaller than the rough opening in the drywall. This is to ensure that your grills will fit into the drywall opening.

  • Classic Grill frames are slightly larger than the industry standard to ensure coverage for both the rough opening and the paint/trim line commonly found when removing the grills.

  • Most register manufacturers size their grills in two inch increments. For example, 8", 10", 12", etc.

  • Grills may be purchased with or without damper assemblies.